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6737 W. Washington St. Confrenece Room 2212, West Allis, WI 53214

West Allis, WI, US, 53214

Stuck on passing the FoRT? Join this interactive workshop focused on Reading Instruction and Open Response 2.

Have you already taken the FoRT but are still struggling in one area or another? Choose this workshop that focuses on Reading Instruction (Objective 9–Section 2.3b) and Open Response 2: Reading Comprehension (Section 2.4)

Apply knowledge of principles and evidence-based best practices of reading instruction.Practice using a 3-step process to write an organized, developed response for the second Open Response prompt on the FoRT. Create/Explore a toolbox that includes a strength and needs analysis chart, a bank of instructional strategies, an essay outline, and paragraph frames to successfully integrate your knowledge and understanding of reading comprehension in a strong open response analysis.

Each session will also provide an overview of the test and study plan, an opportunity to take part of the Practice test and engage in a review and analysis of your responses. Each session is $25.00 and occurs from 5:00-7:00 pm.

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