In 1996 the Urban Learning Collaborative, formerly Milwaukee Teacher Education Center (MTEC), was founded by Dr. Martin Haberman and Jean Tyler to support educators and students. In 2022, the Haberman and Tyler Urban Advancement Program was launched to support the advancement of urban communities.

Your dollars at work

This Program is focused on, but not limited to, learning opportunities, support and mentoring, and resources aimed to advance communities:


Learning Opportunities
  • Offer enrichment activities for students
  • Provide hands-on exploration of science for educators and scholars
  • Provide parents with professional learning experiences that support and empower parents to take an active role in their child’s education.
  • Promote health communities by providing professional learning opportunities on early literacy, trauma-sensitive practices, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), Student Engagement, and much more.
Mentoring and Support
  • One-on-One Mentoring for new educators to increase teacher retention and end the teacher shortage
  • Provide leadership coaching to develop and support high-performing schools.
Resource Fulfillment
  • The purchase of technology devices and upgrades to address the digital divide

Help the Haberman and Tyler Program provide the resources ULC needs to fully support our excellent educators and scholars as they shape tomorrow’s leaders.

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Meet Our Founders

Dr. Martin Haberman

Founder of MTEC, now Urban Learning Collaborative

[1932 – 2012]

Dr. Haberman was an educator who developed interviewing techniques for identifying teachers and principals who will be successful in working with poor children. The most widely known of his programs was The National Teacher Corps, which was based on his intern program in Milwaukee.

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Curriculum and Instruction at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Education and founder of The Haberman Educational Foundation, Haberman developed more teacher education programs which have prepared more teachers than anyone in the history of teacher education. His philosophy of teacher preparation was summed up perfectly in a 2004 article: “For children in poverty, success in school is a matter of life and death, and they need mature people who have a great deal of knowledge about their subject matter, but who can also relate to them.”

Stafford, Delia. “About Dr. Haberman” Haberman Foundation

Jean Tyler

Founder of MTEC, now Urban Learning Collaborative


Once called “Greater Milwaukee’s First Lady”, Jean Tyler advanced civic causes with tireless dedication. Whether targeting government waste and inefficiency or improving public education and economic development efforts, she was a persistent force for good government and creative problem-solving. For 11 years Tyler led the Public Policy Forum while founding and running MTEC to enhance public policy decision-making in southeastern Wisconsin.

“She had an incredible grasp of the issues and the unparalleled ability to work with people,” Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett remembered. “She was universally respected.”

Garza, Jesse. “Tyler was ‘Greater Milwaukee’s First Lady’” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“The [ULC] program made it very easy for me to transition from my prior career into education. Before I was a teacher, my job was running the loss prevention department at TJ Maxx in the Milwaukee area. For me, I jumped into education because I noticed that my main job was putting kids in jail and I wanted to do something different, and I wanted to give something back to the city that brought me up. So I came across [ULC] and it was a perfect opportunity to do that. My biggest worry was I have no experience in teaching, but my mentor said that is perfectly fine.

[ULC] being so open and to work with me to help me develop as an educator, just made the transition that much smoother.”

ULC (formerly MTEC) Alumni, James Morrow

Support our founders’ legacy. Your gift of any amount toward our $50,000 goal will mean you helped establish the Haberman & Tyler Program. Thank You!