Conceptual Learning

The conceptual framework for Urban Learning Collaborative  (ULC) educator preparation program is a shared set of beliefs and attitudes that embodies our mission, vision, and core values to prepare program participants for success with students, families, colleagues, and their community. The framework serves as the foundation for each teacher licensure program.

Showing Respect for all

R:  We believe caring classrooms and school communities are places where students are respected and cared for so that they learn to respect and care for others, discover and develop their own abilities, and become engaged and responsible for their own learning.

Building Strong Relationships

R:  We believe building strong relationships is a key component within all aspects of ULC’s Teacher Preparation Programs. We believe that all learning begins with strong meaningful relationships.

Engaging in Continuous Reflection

R:  We believe reflection is a vital practice of today’s educators.  Program participants are encouraged to become reflective practitioners and to see this practice as one teachers engage in throughout their careers.

Valuing Equity

E:  We believe that an equitable classroom is one in which all students are recognized for the varied ways they contribute.  Students are given choice and voice to show what they know in a variety of ways.  Participants in ULC’s Teacher Preparation Programs are required to consider the many dimensions of intelligence and development to learn and appreciate the distinct abilities and talents of the individual students in their classrooms.  

Embracing Accountability

A:  We believe that you must hold someone able before you hold them accountable; therefore, program participants are provided embedded support throughout the program.  This support ensures that program participants gain the knowledge and skill necessary to meet the benchmarks of success and be an effective teacher.

Collaborating with Educational Stakeholders

C:  We believe collaboration enhances both teaching and learning, and is an essential part of developing the capacity to lead. ULC’s cohort model encourages collaboration as program participants share insights and understandings and construct their knowledge of teaching and learning together.

Holding High-Expectations

H:  In addition to creating learning environments where it is believed that all have the ability to learn and achieve, we also believe that holding high expectations includes developing strong relationships, setting clear expectations with attainable outcomes, and providing supports that provide growth and development.

Certification Programs

Our teacher certification programs and professional learning services prepare educators through hands-on experiences.

Initial Certification

Computer Science

Bilingual Endorsement

Add-On or Extend