why we are different

Founded in 1996, the Urban Learning Collaborative, Formerly Milwaukee Teacher Education Center (MTEC), is a not-for-profit, comprehensive, results-oriented, professional development center designed to prepare, support and retain teachers and school leaders across Wisconsin. We support children and their learning by offering educators certification programs, customized professional development workshops and elbow-to- elbow instructional coaching that are all focused upon increasing learning and closing achievement gaps.

our mission

We invest in urban communities by expanding access to academic, personal, and professional growth opportunities.

our vision

To transform access to opportunities in urban communities through training and mentorship

our values

1. Passion drives our commitment and inspires our innovation.

2. Accountability is a key ingredient to our success.

3. As students evolve, so do we.

our offerings

certification programs

An on-the-job, accelerated program specifically designed for individuals with a four year college degree and a commitment to children and learning.

professional development

ULC offers workshops, elbow-to-elbow leadership and instructional coaching, and customized professional development geared towards empowering educators to take ownership of their professional growth and impact on students’ lives.


Milwaukee Environmental Sciences Academy (MESA), a ULC K-8 Charter school, utilizes Expeditionary Learning to provide scholars with learning experiences that are academically rigorous and build character.

“The [ULC] program made it easy for me to transition from my prior career into education by being understanding. Having instructors and mentors who were able to work with me and help me throughout the process allowed me to develop my skill and allowed me to succeed.”

ULC Alumni

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