ULC’s Add-On and Extend Certification Pathways are one-semester, proficiency-based programs for teachers throughout the state of Wisconsin. They are available to currently licensed teachers who want to add on a license or extend a current license to include more grade levels.


Add-on/Extend candidates must hold a valid teaching license.

The Add-on program costs $5,300.

The Extend program costs $3,800.

We have an Add-on/Extend cohort that begins in the fall (August) and the spring (January) of every year.

Our Add-on/Extend teachers are hired as employees of the school or district and serve as teacher-of-record by a school and/or district earning the equivalent a teachers’ salary in the school and/or district they are working in.

Our Add-on program offers teachers the ability to add special education and/or regular education to their existing license.

If you qualify for VA benefits, then the cost of your program could be eligible for reimbursement. For more info click here, or to apply, click here.

Our Extend program offers teachers the ability to extend their current license to include more grades.

Our Add-on/Extend teachers are assigned a mentor who visits the teachers’s classroom on a regular basis to set goals, observe and provide feedback on the teacher’s knowledge, and instructional and classroom practices.


What are the admission requirements of the program?

  1. Must have a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited institution of higher education
  2. Must hold a valid teaching license 
  3. Completed application process (see application requirements)
  4. Satisfactory Criminal Background Check
  5. Admission Interview
  6. Currently teaching in the desired area of licensure


How do I apply?

The following items need to be completed and submitted as part of the applications process:

  1. Application form
  2. $65 non-refundable application fee
  3. 1 official degree-bearing undergraduate transcript (not “issued to student”) from the college/university that granted your degree
  4. 2 official transcripts from each college/university attended in addition to the institution that granted your degree (e.g. transfer credits, post-baccalaureate coursework, graduate-level coursework, master’s coursework)
  5. 2 professional letters of recommendation dated within the last year and manually signed by the author



When is the application deadline?
The application deadline for each cohort can be found on the Certifications Programs page.
Who’s an ideal candidate for the Add-on/Extend program?

If you are currently teaching in an area that you are not currently licensed to teach you may be a perfect candidate to enroll in the Add-on Extend program.

Here are just some examples of individuals who would want to enroll in the Add-on/Extend program… 

  1. Regular Ed teachers who want to add a Special Education license
  2. Teachers certified in a content area such as Art or Music, who want a Regular Ed or Special Ed license
  3. Special Ed teachers certified to teach grades 1-8 who want to extend their license to grades 9-12
What are the pre-requisites for my participation in the Add-on/Extend programs?

Participants are required to hold a valid teaching license approved by the state of Wisconsin and they need to be in a classroom setting reflecting their new certification. (Schools and districts submit one-year license with stipulations to DPI while the teacher completes this program.)

Will I earn college credit through this pathway?

Our Add-on/Extend pathway is not a credit-bearing course. 

How long is the Add-on/Extend Program?

Interns are able to complete the Add-on/Extend Program in one semester.

Why should I choose to enroll in the Urban Learning Collaborative's Add-on/Extend Program?

Our Add-on/Extended program is designed for your specific teaching situation, focusing on you in your classroom and your students’ learning needs. Through the mentor visits and seminars, your learning will be fully relevant to your situation, needs and ultimately lead to your overall success.

For this certification do I need to pass the Wisconsin Foundations of Reading Exam (Wi-FORT)?

You DO NOT have to take the FORT exam if: You are adding a new teaching license and hold or have held a Wisconsin lifetime/professional educator license. You DO have to take the FORT exam if: You are adding a new teaching license and currently hold a Wisconsin 3-year provisional/initial educator license.

What will be my learning experiences in the Add-on/Extend Program?

The Add-on/Extend program consists of in-class and virtual seminars, in-class mentor support, evaluation by in-class assessor observations/evaluations, and the development of a portfolio that demonstrates proficiency.

Whom should I contact if I have questions about the program or I’m experiencing difficulty completing the application process?
Please contact the Education Services team at 414-342-1569 or with any comments, questions or concerns regarding the pathways offered by Urban Learning Collaborative.