Urban Learning Collaborative’s Bilingual Endorsement is a one-year proficiency-based program for regular ed or special ed licensed teachers throughout the state of Wisconsin who teach students in a bilingual setting. Intern teachers enrolled in the Urban Learning Collaborative’s Initial Certification pathway for Regular Ed or Special Ed or secondary content-areas and placed in a bilingual classroom can simultaneously obtain Bilingual Endorsement.


The Bilingual Endorsement pathway costs $5,000.

The Bilingual Endorsement pathway can be completed in two semesters.
A reduction in tuition cost is available for interns who enroll in both the Initial Certification and Bilingual Endorsement pathways.

ULC has a cohort that begins in the fall (August) and the spring (January).

State tests are not required to receive a Bilingual Endorsement.
Teachers can receive a Bilingual Endorsement for languages other than Spanish.


What are the admission requirements of the program?

  1. Must have a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited institution of higher education
  2. Must hold a valid teaching license or be eligible for a license with stipulations (if enrolled in the Initial Teacher Certification pathway)
  3. Completed application process (see application requirements)
  4. Satisfactory Criminal Background Check
  5. Admission Interview
How do I apply?

The following items need to be completed and submitted as part of the applications process:

  1. Application form
  2. $65 non-refundable application fee
  3. 1 official degree-bearing undergraduate transcripts (not “issued to student”) from the college/university that granted your degree
  4. 1 official transcript from each college/university attended in addition to the institution that granted your degree (e.g. transfer credits, post-baccalaureate coursework, graduate-level coursework, master’s coursework)
  5. 2 professional letters of recommendation dated within the last year and manually signed by the author
  6. Evidence of English proficiency (for non-native speakers of English)



When is the application deadline?
The application deadline for each cohort can be found on the Certifications Programs page.
How do I know if I need a Bilingual Endorsement?

The school district/school in which you work determines if you need bilingual endorsement based on the students in your classroom. Many districts in Wisconsin have a developmental approach to meeting the needs of bilingual students. Teaching to English Language Learners (ELLs) requires a specific knowledge base and teaching strategies, specifically in the area of literacy and language learning.

If I am simultaneously enrolled in the Initial Certification and the Bilingual Endorsement pathways will I receive a discount?

Yes, Interns with dual enrollment receive an approximate 40% decrease in the cost of the Bilingual Endorsement pathway.

How do I know if I am proficient enough in the 1st or 2nd language?

Your district or school will determine your proficiency.

What will my learning experiences be in the Bilingual Endorsement pathway?

The Bilingual Endorsement pathway consists of in-class teaching experience, mentor support, evaluation by assessor observations, participation in an online learning community, and the development of a Bilingual portfolio that demonstrates proficiency.

Will I earn college credit through this pathway?

The Urban Learning Collaborative Bilingual Endorsement pathway is not a credit-bearing course.

Why should I choose to enroll in The Urban Learning Collaborative Bilingual Endorsement pathway?

The Milwaukee Teacher Education Center Bilingual Endorsement pathway is designed for your specific teaching situation, focusing on you in your classroom and your students’ learning needs. Through the mentor visits and seminars, your learning will be fully relevant to your situation, needs and ultimately lead to your overall success.

Whom should I contact if I have questions about the program or I’m experiencing difficulty completing the application process?
Please contact the Education Services team at 414-342-1569 or with any comments, questions or concerns regarding the pathways offered by Urban Learning Collaborative.