Our Partners

Our Network of Partners

Urban Learning Collaborative’s partnerships with Wisconsin based organizations allow us to offer quality educational experiences, tuition discounts, job opportunities, and professional learning experiences for the K-8 and adult scholars that we serve.


We work with partners to ensure all K-8 scholars are ready to learn, lead, and thrive. Partners also support us with ensuring that we are able to provide our adult scholars with on-the-job training, professional development, and learning resources necessary to provide scholars from Pre-K through 12 grade with quality education experiences, across the state of Wisconsin.

Strategic In-Kind Support

Our in-kind support partners generously donate products and services that benefit scholars in our teacher certification pathways, and at our charter school, as well as support Urban Learning Collaborative’s operations.

Programmatic Investments

Partners can choose which part of our program to invest in based on their companies’ interests – ranging from Expeditionary Learning to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusiveness and so much more.

Customized Partnerships

Urban Learning Collaborative’s size, reach, and impact enable us to co-create custom partnerships that drive change at both our local school level and through a statewide approach.

Why Do Companies Choose Urban Learning Collaborative?

We craft customized, mutually beneficial partnerships that help every scholar realize their full potential and close educational opportunity gaps.

We provide an effective way for companies to create local impacts in education and engage with the communities in which they serve.

We are committed to supporting diverse teacher candidates and resources to schools serving low-income communities.

We strive to build partnerships that positively impact scholars and meet companies’ needs.

Meet Our Partners

The following companies have partnered with us to support the mission and vision of Urban Learning Collaborative.

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