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Our model of personalized coaching-into-practice aligned to teaching standards lies at the core of our certification programs and Professional Learning Services. Whether you are an individual seeking initial licensure or a veteran teacher seeking to further your career, you will be provided with a highly qualified mentor to guide and support your professional growth.


MTEC’s Initial Teacher Certification Program is an innovative teacher preparation program offered jointly by MTEC and Mount Mary University to recruit and prepare highly qualified candidates to become certified teachers in critical-need areas. It is an on-the-job, accelerated program specifically designed for individuals with a four-year college degree and a commitment to children and learning. Successful candidates gain teaching proficiency through a combination of graduate level courses, performance-based assessments, and the guidance of a highly qualified mentor.



MTEC’s Add-On and Extend Certification Pathways are one-semester, proficiency-based programs for teachers throughout the state of Wisconsin. They are available to currently licensed teachers who want to add on a license or extend a current license to include more grade levels.

Now Enrolling! Program Start Date: September 2021


Milwaukee Teacher Education Center’s Bilingual Endorsement is a one-year proficiency-based program for regular ed or special ed licensed teachers throughout the state of Wisconsin who teach students in a bilingual setting. Intern teachers enrolled in the Milwaukee Teacher Education Center’s Initial Certification pathway for Regular Ed or Special Ed or secondary content-areas and placed in a bilingual classroom can simultaneously obtain Bilingual Endorsement.

Now Enrolling! Program Start Date: September 2021


MTEC’s Computer Science Certification is a pathway for teachers who currently hold a Wisconsin teaching license at the Early Adolescence through Adolescence (EA-A) or the Early Childhood through Adolescence (EC-A) levels who are responsible for teaching computer science classes at the high school level. Successful completion of this program will result in obtaining a DPI teaching license in Computer Science (1405) at the Early Adolescence through Adolescence (73) level.

Now Enrolling! Program Start Date: September 2021

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